Digital publishing
and advertising
for public spaces.

We need you
to help us make it perfect!


Transform any display into
a digital signage and
advertisement platform.


Simple yet powerful CMS for creating engaging content. Use any media content or arrange custom animated presentations.


Publish on any number of devices and locations and manage individual displays in detail.


Transform your screen into an advertising platform while keeping complete control of displayed content.


Use the powerful editor to create advertisments and bid on screens you want to display.

Open Public
Advertising Marketplace


  • Choose specific locations and times for your ads to appear to reach the largest and most targeted audiance possible.
  • Flexible budgeting features.
  • Setup ads as far as two months in advance.
  • No middleman for ad space purchasing reducing costs.


  • Turn any screen in your business or establishment into an advertising platform open to the world.
  • Set fixed prices or let advertisers bid on your screens.
  • Allocate time slots when ads can run and set specific prices for each slot.
  • Approve or reject ads and stay in control of the content displayed on your screen

Create dynamic animated ads
with the simple yet powerful KaleidoSpot Editor.

Advanced Digital
Signage System

  • Create dynamic content for display on your KaleidoSpot powered screens
  • Publish individuay or distribute the same presentations across multiple locations
  • Display videos, images, Flash SWF animations
    or create your own animated slides in KaleidoSpot Editor
  • Create templates from your presentations
  • Store up to 10GB of media content in the cloud